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Director's Desk

“All our dreams can come true if we have courageto pursue them”

It is my privilege to be concerned with the education of youth. The main motto is to inspire pupil to reach their potential inside and outside the classroom. Everyone wants to find a place in the world where there are

extraordinary opportunities. By learning, we do not mean cultivation of just memory, but the capacity to apply knowledge and think clearly without illusion. Here, at Gargi Kanya Mahavidyalaya, a lot of emphasis is laid on the acquisition of knowledge and encouraging students to develop faith in their own ability. The vision of this college has always been futuristic and courageous in its choices of courses and opportunities that are offered to the students. This is achieved by maintaining the right balance between individual needs, student preference and social responsibilities.

So, let's join hands and scale the horizon and make sure you achieve all that you are holding this prospectus for. I welcome everyone to the college and wish you every success..


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